Video Intelligence

Video Intelligence gives you the power to manage 100an unlimited number of cameras with a tailor made CCTV solution, its open articture allows for the simple integration of CCTV with a wide variety of access control, intruder alert, fire detection systems as well as offering sophisticated functionalities such as facial recognition, road traffic monitoring, with bundled POS or bundled ATM interfacing which allows a coordinated management of retail or banking premises, bundling security with safety and daily operation.

These capabilities make Video Intelligence a perfect solution for Enterprise level deployments at for Banking Industrial, Public Utility, City surveillance, Petrochemical, Critical infrastructure and Transportation (airports, railways).

With more than one million licenses sold in the last 5 years, Video Intelligence is a robust, future proofed software suite, ready to meet any requirement in terms of flexibility, scalability and ease of use. Designed to work in the most demanding environments, you will benifit from its infamous stability even in the hardest conditions of restricted bandwidth and requiring a minimal hardware footprint.

As a unified security management system, we integrate any security applications, systems and devices, including new IP-based systems, best of breed point solutions and products, as well as legacy devices, into a single environment.

  • Unlimited scalability
  • Hybrid system, managing simultaneously analogue and IP cameras
  • Integration with Access control, intruder alert and Fire alarm systems
  • Video Analysis and Forensic Search
  • Additional modules: POS, License plate recognition, Face recognition, road trac monitoring
  • Fully customizable GUI
  • Event driven management model
  • Point & Click PTZ control
  • Frame Merge – image combination from different cameras
  • Video compression: H264, MPEG4, MJPEG, motion wavelet (native).
  • Megapixel camera compatible
  • Notification Services (Voice, SMS, MMS, Email)
  • Advanced web-based Reporting System
  • Video signal quality control Service
  • Wireless & Web access Service

Because it’s built with an object-oriented architecture, Video Intelligence is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain. The system is easily expanded - so as your company reaches new levels of growth, you can build on your initial investments without fear of leaving exiting hardware redundant or obselete, and offering customers an easy migration path from analogue to IP or even co-existing analogue and IP devices within the same system.

We have built-in intelligent video analytics to recognize events as they occur, and the ability to respond efficiently and effectively as events unfold..

Intelligence modules can be installed at any computer and connected to the system core by means of a network, thus providing a Complete conrol of any device from any client upon the network.

Is this clever? No, this is intellect.

Powerful system for video analysis

Video Intelligence incorporates a powerful system for analysis of video images. It includes the following video detectors:

  • motion detector – captures any movement in the scene;
  • background change detector – is triggered when an attempt is made to turn the camera;
  • drop of image quality – is triggered when the image quality deteriorates due to blurring or soiling or blinding of the lens or darkening of the image, etc.;
  • abandoned objects detector – is triggered when some object – a briefcase, box, bag, etc. appears in the scene and remains motionless for some time;
  • cross line detector – is triggered when a moving object crosses the virtual line in the user-specified direction;
  • motion in a restricted area detector – records movement in a user-specified area;
  • stopping a restricted area detector – is triggered when any object stops and remains motionless for some time within a user specifi ed area;
  • loitering detector – is triggered when an object remains in a user-specifi ed area for some time;
  • zone entry detector – is triggered when any object appears within a userspecifi ed area;
  • zone exit detector – is triggered when the object leaves the user-specifi ed area or when the object located in the area disappears from the camera’s fi eld of view;
  • embedded video analytics from IP cameras.

Forensic search

Forensic search is a system of search through video recordings in the archive. Its principle of operation is based on the fact that along with the video recording, this system allows archiving the characteristics of all moving objects in the scene. The forensic search technology allows searching the video archive for records that match certain parameters. To perform a search, the user only has to specify the search parameters, such as the area and direction of motion of an object, its speed and colour. Within seconds, the forensic search system will fi nd all records that match the user’s query. And the video detectors need not be pre-confi gured for this purpose; when using forensic search, all parameters of moving objects are recorded automatically.

Video Management Suite
Technical Specifications
Max Video Inputs
Max Video per computer
Max Remote Client Stations
Supported Codecs
64 analog
Motion Wavelet
Video Analytics Motion
Background change
Drop of image quality
Abandoned object
Cross line
Movement in a restricted area
Stopping in a restricted area
Zone entry
Zone exit
Embedded video analytics from IP cameras
Sudden noise (audio)
Image Resolutions Up to 8 Megapixels
for IP cameras
for analogue
Optional Video Modules License Plate recognition
Face recognition
Road traffi c monitoring
Container & train number recognition
Image sampling
Max fps per computer
Digital zoom
Audio Monitoring & Recording
Synchronized Audio/Video
Duplex audio streaming
4:2:2 or 4:2:0
Up to 700 fps
x2, x4, x8, x16
ReportsEvent Management User Defi ned Macro Rules
Advanced programmable script
language for further flexibility
PTZ control Dialog window,
mouse, USB or
game joystick
Export Possibilities OS AVI, JPEG, BMP, XLS, WAV
Windows XP SP3
Windows Vista SP2
Windows Server 2003 SP2
Windows Server 2008 SP2
Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
I/O Dry Contacts per computer 64 in / 16 out Min RAM Memory 2,4 GB recommended
Video Capture Cards FS5 25ips, PCI
FS6 100ips, PCI
FS16 100ips, PCIe
FS8 200ips, PCI
Video Adapter ATI, Nvidia (Min 512MB)
Hardware processing Stretch VRC6416
Stretch VRC6008
CPU - vibration
- safe door opening
- temrature
- fire alarm
Transmitted DataRemote Client Devices cell phone, PDA,
Supported ATMs Intel Core 2 Duo or higher
Compatible IP cameras ACTi, Arecont Vision, Axis, Basler, Beward, Bosch, CNB, Dallmeier, DYNACOLOR, EverFocus,
FlexWatch, Ganz, Hunt, Infi nova, InMotion, IQeye, JVC, March Networks, Merit Lilin,
MicroDigital (MDi), Mobotix, ONVIF, Optelecom-NKF, Panasonic (BB/BL), Panasonic i-Pro, Pelco, PixEYE, Samsung electronics, Samsung Techwin, Sanyo, Smartec (ACTi), Sony, StarDot, Stretch, TRENDnet, Vivotek, Yudor Technologies
Compatible POS Aloha Technologies, Borlas Retail, Dresser Wayne, FIT, IBS, IPS, POSitouch, R-Keeper, System Group, Tendo, TillyPad, UCS, VIMAS Technologies, Wincor Nixdorf
Compatible PTZ Pelco, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Sensormatic, Mintron, Nevis, JVC, Ganz, CNB, Dynacolor, Fastrax II, LTC, Kalatel, Kocom, Vortex, VCL, Dongyang, CBC, American Dynamics, Lilin, DTRMX, Yaan, Sunkwang, Everfocus, Sanyo, Videotec, Yoko, Oko and TC-404
Compatible Access
Control and Fire Alarm

Honeywell, Sorhea, Intrepid, Unipos, Satel, Paradox