Railway Intelligence

Being able to monitor and manage railway cars and tracks in real-time is critical to a successful transportation operation. Railway Intelligence-automatically controls trains and railway car traffic, visually monitors your cargo and alerts you to any that are unaccounted for, and controls clearance and gauge limits. All events and data are logged for further analysis. Operators can request detailed information on trains and railcars, view relevant video archives, and print reports.

Railway Intelligence tracks and manages rolling stock and cargo at industrial enterprises: oil refineries, chemical plants, sea ports, logistic centers, custom terminals and other major industrial facilities and transportation sites. It gives your corporate security departments the power to discover cargo loss and theft. It gives your logistics departments the advantage of reliable and convenient traffic registering. And it gives your IT departments easy integration capability with your existing business management software.

Railway Intelligence protects and monitors your railcar/container operations by continually monitoring tracks via video surveillance and automatic recognizing, recording and storing information about train number and direction.

Railway Intelligence is able to recognize in real-time railcar and/or tank-car serial numbers even hard-to-read numbers through multiple cameras and heuristic analysis. With connection of additoinal thermal sensor it is possible automatically measure liquid levels in tank-cars. Monitoring railcars via video allow to control cargo clearancea and seamless integration with external databases makes possible matching train schedules to consignor lists.

The system logs all events and data, so your records are always up-to-date and pin-point accurate. You can request detailed information on rakes and railcars, view relevant video archives, and print comprehensive reports.

Railway Intelligence Video
Technical Specifications

Maximum Train Speed
Day - 96%
Night - 90%
60 km/h
Control Area Width

Number of Cameras Supported per Track

1 or 2
Camera Alignment Angle Up to 10 degrees Checksum Verification
Checksum Verification
XML Interface Support
Type of recognized
Container Code
• ISO 6346 (=BIC code)
• UIC code
• MOCO code
• Recognize horizontal and vertical text, two or three row codes
Output • Container (railcar) Code in ASCII
• Best image (on which the reading
is most reliable)
• Code position
• Confidence Level
• Checksum