ATM Intelligence

ATM Intelligence gives you the tools you need to proactively detect and prevent fraud, theft, and other threats, branch-wide. Intelligent video and seamless integration with the systems you already use give you complete control over all transactions and activities – from the teller’s desk to the ATM vestibule.

atm intelligence

ATM Intelligence is a digital video security system custom-designed for ATM networks, that integrates video surveillance modules with your existing ATM transaction system. ATM Intelligence monitors cameras and other sensors to reduce instances of fraud and vandalism by watching for signs of suspicious behavior. ATM Intelligence is intelligent: it notifies your operators as soon as something happens that’s out of the ordinary, so they can investigate and take direct action. Plus, Intelligence sends video and other signals over communications channels that are already in place. And unlike other systems, using of unique video compression technology with adaption to bandwidth channel means you don’t have to install additional communication channel to get the benefit of intelligent, distributed video security for your ATM network — a significant cost savings.

ATM Intelligence brings the power of the Bravo video surveillance technology to each ATM vestibule, and automatically records all events and transaction data in the video archive. The system monitors multiple zones on each terminal and synchronizes the video with the transaction data. The video archives are easily searchable by date and time, card number, ATM number or amount of money requested. This system ensures that both you and your clients interests are protected – transaction disputes are easily resolved, and attempts at fraudulent transactions are easily detected and the persons identified.

ATM Intelligence protection sensors alert you to emergency situations and allow you to respond quickly, in real-time. Shock, door, vibration and breakage sensors detect vandalism and theft attempts in – a group of teenagers kicking the terminal, for instance, or someone trying to bash or pry it open.

ATM Intelligence Video
Technical Specifications
Recording Modes
  • continious
  • by motion detection
  • by signal from ATM sensors
Reports - transactions
- ATM events
- sensors signals
- technical condition of ATMs
- technical condition of connection channels
Connection Type
  • TCP/IP
  • X.25
Sensors in use - vibration
- safe door opening
- temrature
- fire alarm
Transmitted Data
  • alarm signals
  • images
  • transactions
Supported ATMs - Wincor Nixdorf
- Diebold